I started photographing children when I had my first baby. I wanted to capture everything about him and every moment so I would have those sweet baby rolls and gummy smiles forever. I know how fast your sweet little ones grow up and it’s so so special to catch their little personalities on camera. I always always try to get photos of the children looking at the camera smiling because of course every parents wants that but I also try to get shots of them just playing and being themselves alone or with their brothers and sisters. Those candid moments are my favorite because I think that’s how you’ll remember your kids. You’ll remember them running around in circles, playing in the dirt or rocks, being shy and hiding behind your legs, and blowing dandelion seeds. I know parents (me included) get stressed that they’re kids aren’t behaving well or looking at the camera or aren’t sitting still but that isn’t anything you have to worry about with me! I somehow how always manage to get a great family shot, usually by acting like a total crazy person to make your kid laugh, and I am very patient, flexible and understanding that kids sometimes just don’t want to sit down for a photoshoot! I always work with what the kids are willing to do and most of all I want them to have fun!

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